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What will YOU be changing in 2019?!?

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

‘Twas time for a change up!

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New hair...who dis?

I am not a ‘Resolution’ gal. Too many years of broken promises to myself made around goals and plans that weren’t truly on my heart. ⠀ These days, I sit down regularly (2x a week now, thanks to #beautifullifelab ) and discern what it is that my heart and soul are calling me to do. Then, I actually review my progress (and this is KEY!!) to see if it’s working, if it still serves me, and what I can do to refine the pieces that are a bit clunky, and celebrate the bits that are great! ⠀ So here’s my challenge to you. Because let’s face it, there’s a statistical probability that you may have ALREADY broken a resolution that you made a few days ago (just the messenger on this, the internet told me this is the way it all works!). ⠀ Instead of making huge, sweeping statements one day of the year, how about you commit to checking in with yourself once per week. Like a staff meeting at work, but you get to wear your PJ’s if you want, and Susan from accounting won’t be there asking 35 unnecessary questions. ⠀ What’s working? What’s missing? What’s next?! ⠀ And while you’re at it, maybe do something extra awesome, like adding in an amazing exercise from my fave ginger, Tiffany Peterson I am enough⠀ I am worthy and deserving⠀ I forgive myself ⠀ I trust myself ⠀ I allow myself to receive ⠀ (More on these 5 statements later, but spoiler alert, they’re a game changer!) ⠀ Love. Your fave ‘Raspberry’ (because we can’t let the Gingers have all the fun!)


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