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Oh boy. In this photo I see JOY! (and perhaps a tonsil???)

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Jennie circa 1995 - enroute to a competition, and full of beans!

THIS is Communication in its Raw form. Lots of joy, but lots of 'chatter' Growing up, I often heard 'you are too talkative' 'Chatty Cathy' 'spend less time socializing and more time focusing on your work' Very seldom did many adults listen to what I actually had to say. Maybe it WAS valuable? (then again, maybe I was just proclaiming my love for those coveted ripped jeans that my Mom wouldn't let me have?)

At any rate...I learned to stifle my voice. sort of. and when I did slip up and have a 'chatty' moment, I felt guilt, and shame. As I moved into post-secondary studies, and then corporate work, I tried hard to bite my tongue, and stop the flow of ideas and insight coming out. I hated that I had a reputation for being 'bubbly' . because, to me, it also equated with 'dippy' and 'shallow' and ineffective. When I first took the CliftonStrengths Assessment, I was dismayed, but not surprised to see 'Communication' in my top 5 Talents. Oh great. It’s official. I'm a talker. ⠀ But friends... what happens when you decide to invest in a natural talent is nothing short of magic!! In the last 4 years, I've leaned IN to my Communication talents, I've started a blog, become a powerful yoga teacher, natural health educator, and most recently, a Biz and Life Coach. My words are my POWER! My Insights (thank you Ideation + Futuristic + Input) have massive VALUE and help SO many others!! and my Activator talents put them allllll into motion!! Friends... what super powers are YOU hiding away? You will be AMAZED when you learn how to step into investment and application of YOUR natural talents and turn them into Strengths! Are you ready to SHINE??


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