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Got Strengths Envy??

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Y’ALL! I keep seeing posts relating to ClfitonStrengths results, and not being proud of YOUR Strengths. I need to speak to this. (Activator + Communication over here!) For many of us, as we were growing up, we were told to ‘turn down the volume’ on our Strengths…and this is generally because we were operating in an ‘immature’ or ‘unpolished/unrefined’ state. Just like kids do! This is often carried forward into our adult lives as that ‘soundtrack’ that plays in our heads. For our more ’Strategic Thinkers or Executing’ Types, how many times were you told to ‘Lighten up’. And for the Influencers and Relationship Builders….. can you relate to being told to ‘Stop talking, or stop being so dramatic/soft” ??!?!?!? My Relators - being told you are ‘clique-y’ or ‘snobby’ - my Positivity “Pollyannas”! My Competition kids being ‘sore losers’ or like my 14 yr old son, refusing to enter any competition he’s not convinced he can win! I get it. In their ‘immature’ states - ANY strength can be less than optimal….. This unrefined version is all part of you, and the lessons you’ve learned through this are valuable!!! THEN…. When we consciously EMBRACE and lean into these Strengths, and commit to understanding, and refining them, IMAGINE how powerful you can be!!! AND please also know that even if ALL your strengths lie in ONE domain, it does NOT mean you cannot think Strategically, build Relationships, Execute, or Influence….. you’ll just do it in your own unique way!!⠀ PLEASE understand that OUR strengths are our SUPERPOWERS... no more strength envy... yours are incredible, unique and SO powerful when you stand in your strengths with grace and ownership! Think of them as YOUR Superhero Cape…another Leaders ‘Cape’ won't fit you properly...only YOUR cape will allow you to fly !! Hand on your heart. “I promise to befriend my Strengths, and to allow myself grace and gratitude to step into nurturing them as I refine and polish myself. I am letting go of ‘Strength Envy’ and embracing MY unique blend of Strengths’.


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