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My thoughts on why we need Pride.

My thoughts on why we need Pride. I recognize my privilege, and also recognize that there is a lot I don’t know or understand... but here’s how I see it. Until LGBTQ+ people are not persecuted, ostracized, litigated against, discriminated against, beaten, exploited and KILLED...We need a parade, a flag, and a lot of mf’ing LOVE to drown out the hate! I NEVER have to 'worry' about where I can hold hands with my hubby in public…I can kiss him on a bus without fear of being beaten. I doubt I’d ever be passed over in a job interview for being seen as straight...or have someone refuse to let their child come to a slumber party at my house because I was in a hetero marriage. Many members of the LGBTQ+ community don’t have that luxury. Let’s switch out ‘Gay’ for Canadian. Or Brunette. Or Hetero. When did you DECIDE to become Canadian? Oh, it’s probably just a phase!!! What if someone saw you walking through the mall, wearing a Roots hoodie, and stopped you to tell you that you were going to burn in hell for something that was defined when you were born… Now imagine your parents disowning you...even if you had a garbage childhood, imagine if it were made even worse simply because you were born in the ‘wrong’ geographical area, or with the ‘wrong’ hair colour??? For those of you who DO have loving parents….imagine never speaking to them again, simply because of the way you inherently are. That is a DAILY reality for many LGBTQ+ people. And it’s NOT ok. Until this BS stops….we NEED a Pride parade…and to use our collective voices for good. As Allies we need to speak up to discrimination and hatred. Not matter how casual or unassuming it seems. We need to SHOW UP...SPEAK UP... and SPREAD LOVE! #loveislove #pride

Free Mom Hugs at Toronto PRIDE 2019


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