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What do YOU do when you're having 'one of those days'?

Toolbox: Fresh Flowers...great books...Oils for Emotions...beautiful stationary...

When you’re having ‘one of those days’ - what tools do you use to support yourself? ⠀ Do you choose unhealthy coping mechanisms? ‘Comfort’ Food, a drink or two, or maybe some ‘guilty pleasure’ shows on Netflix? ⠀ Yes, those things CAN comfort you. BUT. Do they serve your pursuit of something great? Do they help you reach your goal? WHAT IF…and I’m just spitballing here…. What if instead, you first used some tools to try and shore up the unsteadiness. Some of my faves: ⠀ Oils ~ There are SO many tools for calming, grounding, uplifting, motivating, and focus!⠀ Strengths~ Do YOU know your top strengths? Do you use them to navigate your day to day? Do you know which one to leverage when you are feeling stuck, or overwhelmed? Do you know which one may be ‘running wild’ and causing the chaos?!? (LOL. My Activator + Ideation+ Input gremlin slowly raises hand….) ⠀ Board of Directors ~ Who is on YOUR BOD? Who can you reach out to and seek sound advice, accountability and encouragement? ⠀ Movement ~ Sometimes, all it takes to shift your energy is to shift your body! Throw on a favourite upbeat song, and DANCE your heart out! (If you’re in the car, find your favourite song to belt out, and sing like you’re in front of Simon Cowell!) ⠀ Meditation ~ Sometimes, you just need to get quiet. Even with a looming deadline, take 5 minutes and throw on a fave soothing song or guided meditation. I GUARANTEE you will emerge from this break with a MUCH better perspective and will more than make up for ‘lost time’ in renewed productivity! ⠀ Breathe ~ if all else fails…..just breathe. Taking 10-20 deep breaths can have an incredible impact on your state of mind, and ability to calm a frazzled nervous system. ⠀ I hope today is a good day friends. Put a hand on your heart, and take one big ass cleansing breath, and then smile, even if it’s just a little one. You are loved. You are brave. You are powerful. ⠀ You’ve got this ❤ ⠀


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