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UPdate Time!

June 6, 2016 | Jen Hartnett-Orser

I’ve lost track of the day count - but this whole face swelling ordeal began on May 9th. And it’s now June 6th   So….suffice to say, it’s been a LOOOONG ass time!

The IV is out - my allergy test was negative for any totally bombastic reactions - other than a sensitivity  to….omg….seriously?   LAVENDER??  LOL  I’ll remind you that I’m a Wellness Advocate with an Essential Oils company.  OH so funny!  This sensitivity was likely enough to aggravate the situation, but wasn’t the cause.  AND while I was putting my existing bottles of Lav into the penalty box for a while, I did get some on my hands and wrist, and had no reaction….so that’s good!    But ironic.

Currently, my face is still a little dry in the ‘ground zero’ area - but seems to be getting better by the day.  In the days (3) since coming off of the IV, I have felt MORE exhausted than I had previously, which surprised me.  (I AM still on oral antibiotics - so perhaps it’s got something to do with that?)   However, eternally grateful to be #unplugged from that damn machine!

I remember each day just telling myself ‘this can’t last forever…’ but also being a little terrified that the ‘what's next’ could have possibly been something worse.  *seeing as I ‘ticked all the boxes’ for C-Diff infection…..ughhhhhhh

On to brighter things.....

I am SO grateful that this is resolving, and that I was able to get back on my feet long enough to share a day with some INCREDIBLE people at the doTERRA Canadian Launch…seriously blown away by this event, and the energy of the people that are leading this company into our great white north!     I’ll tell you more about this in the future...but for today...let’s say, #GameChanger

Looking forward to getting back to ‘Normal’  --- Well as normal as I ever get!!! LOL  

I call this pic:  "I pledge allegiance to the Swag....."


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