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The truth is...

I’ve given up on my yoga practice.

Allowed myself to get caught up in ALL kinds of other ‘busyness’ and ‘stuff’ that I told myself was necessary.  I told myself was sufficient self care.  I told myself I was doing really great. Hell…I even wrote a blog about knowing I needed to get back into action…and yet….I still wasn’t actually doing anything. The truth is… 8 years ago, Yoga saved me. Largely, from myself, but saved me all the same.  And I’ve turned away from that which I know to be a universal truth in my heart. I need my yoga practice to survive.  And yet, I’ve avoided my mat like the plague!     Maybe because I’ve been in a season of growth, and I’ve needed to divert all of my focus to that.  Maybe because it’s easier to coast through life without doing the DEEP work that is totally unavoidable when you are immersed in a regular practice.  Maybe because I feel like a fraud as a ‘yoga teacher’.  Even as I write this, I feel the truth floating up to the surface, and my throat is tight with emotion.  I came home from a challenging day, and knew that I needed to drop all of my bullshit, all of the excuses, and just  Get. On. My. Mat.  And guess what?   It was everything I needed, in under an hour.  Krishna Das in my ears, and a little (gasp!). Nag Champa lazily drifting up through a beam of sunlight that rested upon me as I came back to a very simple, and VERY humble practice.   No forcing, no resistance….just a simple flow of breath and body together.  And in an instant, I was home.  What have YOU been avoiding?  What is crying out for your attention that you are running away from?   What do you KNOW in your heart of hearts that you NEED to do?     This is me…telling you do go and do it.   You’ll feel SO much better.     J~ 


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