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The most effective way to have a body that you love, is to love the body that you have!

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

This quote came from the #nodietnotebook, and was a GAMECHANGER for me. It was someone giving me permission to love my (perceived) flaws! It’s SO simple it hurts! The most effective way to have a body that you love, is finding ways to love the body that you have. Wait….what?!? That’s allowed? I didn’t even know what was an option?!? As silly as that must sound….it had not occurred to me that you could LEARN to love the body that you have. I think I always kind of assumed that you either LOVED your body, or you didn’t. It never once occurred to me that these ‘Curvy’ Social Media mavens didn’t just come rolling out of the womb cherishing their every curve and dimple?! That they actually PRACTICED loving themselves, and worked at it!!!! And after seeing this quote,I realized….I CAN choose this! Here's what I've been practicing: 💫 Love myself. 💫 Accept compliments from others, and distribute them freely to others. 💫 Love the body I have today 💫 If there's something I don't like, I can choose to practice embracing it, or start working to change it. If I choose the latter, then I am NOT allowed to 'hate' that thing in the interim...instead, I will reframe any bad tidings into 'hey...I'm working on that bit, so it won't look/feel that way forever!" 💫 Don't allow friends to bash them out on this shiz. (Friends...I'm on high alert!!!!) 💫 Practice a self care ritual EVERY DAY. this doesn't have to be anything fancy, it can be as simple as washing your face and brushing your teeth before bed, but if your mindset is that 'this is an embrace', then it works! 💫 if I am out/Getting ready to go out, and start feeling anxious or self conscious, remind myself of all the above items, as well as reiterate to myself that I am pretty damn fantastic just the way I am, and don't need to change, apologize or feel inferior for any reason. 💫 I model self confidence, and air of dignity and happiness with myself. Have I perfected this? Nope. I practice it... Every. Single. Day.

Do I slip up and get down on myself? Yep. And I can always be catching myself and reframing. At the end of the day, my happiness is far superior to the alternative. When I am happy, I know that everyone around me feels it. I also know from experience that seeing someone who doesn't fit the stereotypical mold exude self confidence is inspiring and uplifting to others, so I choose to model this whenever I can. So what’s changed since I began this practice?!? And what’s prompted me to share? I AM REALLY HAPPY !!! I can’t remember the last time I thought about ‘punishing’ myself for eating something indulgent, or feeling guilt associated with food. I’ve gone through my closet and purged a TON of items that didn’t make me feel great, and/or were uncomfortable. (breaking up with decision fatigue at the same time!! Woot woot!) I’ve completely cleaned up my skin and beauty routine with ‘clean’ products. I cancelled my gym membership and stopped feeling guilty for not going. I’ve spent some incredible times with family and friends alike and I’ve said YES to so many things that have made me happy this year! I’ve stepped WAY outside my comfort zone, quit my 9-5 Job and travelled around the world to pursue my PASSION! I have SO much to be grateful for, and NONE of this was diminished by negative self talk and body shaming!!!!


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