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so... February 24, 2016

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

I've been giving this whole blogging thing a think.... 

I figure in order for it to be valuable, I'll have to be REAL.  Which is SCARY, because let's face it, I'm weird!  Most days I embrace my weirdness, and let it shine bright so other weirdo's can find me!   But other days, I want to hide my weird away, tuck in, and assimilate.  (could I say I put the ASS in ASSimilate!?!?  Woooo!  See....there it is....weird!) 

At any rate....if I'm basing my ability to blog on the number of rich conversations I have with myself in the car, I'd say

I'm off to the races!!!  Yes....if you pass me in traffic, I'm not s

inging...I'm likely having an in depth conversation with myself.  Or rehearsing what I'll say at my next Job review, Essential Oil Class, Yoga Class, Band Camp, or other such fun event.    Oh yeah...did I mention I'm

a Yoga Teacher, Essential Oil loving Hippy, and that I teach 'marching band' ???? (yes, on top of my 9-5 gig)    The weird just keeps on coming!   

Well....that's where I'll leave this for now, as I need to take some time to figure out formatting etc... (you know, to make things all Purdy like!) 

So....there you have first official blog post!    And you just read it!  You're so weird!  LOL  


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