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on Quality time...

If you should be so blessed to have people in your life to love, I urge you to make a decision to really soak in the time you have with them. ⠀ Get in the kitchen and cook together, sit at the table for HOURS telling stories and planning your next adventures. Go and drive a few hours to surprise someone with a much needed hug. Say thank you. Say I’m sorry. Say I love you. Create a million little inside jokes and those kinds of things where you only need say a few select words to dissolve into fits of laughter. At the end of a big day, fall into bed exhausted from all the cooking, eating, laughing and truly enjoying each other’s company. ⠀ And sometimes, let the whole day pass by without the need to document everything, to instead, just experience it. Because the photos are nice, but the memories you are making are what really matters.

silent night

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