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I didn’t choose the Hippie life… the Hippie Life chose ME!

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Y’all….I came to Essential Oils ON MY KNEES. I was in the midst of a dire health crisis, and was begging to find a solution that worked. Not only did I find something to help me start turning my health situation around, but I also found the answer to the prayers that I wasn’t even saying out loud. As I learned to reduce the toxins in my home and every day life, I found a whole new world of positivity, growth, and infectious optimism. A large and vibrant community of (mostly women, and a few awesome dudes!) incredible, high vibrational people. A force for good. As my medicine cabinet contents were evolving, so were the contents of my internal dialogue, and the conversations and thoughts I was contributing to the world around me. Talk about eliminating toxins! Now, I can do weird stuff, like brag that I use Himalayan Salt Sole as deodorant, and make my own laundry detergent, but I still keep it real, and watch Brooklyn 99. (99!!!) I can listen to you tell me about all the great things you are doing, and be intensely proud of you, without being jealous. OR listen to all the great things you WANT to do, and then encourage, (harass? LOL). You to GO OUT AND GET AFTER IT!!! (#coachforlife) I am so amazed by the shifts that have happened in my life since I opened my first little brown bottle. What will YOU discover??? And just in case you were wondering….. whatever your existential life question is, the answer is probably Wild Orange.


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