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Hey are a catalyst!!

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Hey Jen, "You are a catalyst. You naturally know how to turn ideas into action, and you make things happen. Your energy can be contagious and engaging." Now…Imagine how much more positive, uplifting and helpful THAT verbiage is than what I’d been hearing ALL my life….

"You’re too impulsive!! Slow Down! Just have a minute’s patience!! You can’t do THAT!?!? I Can’t do that!! Did you even think that through” The chip on my shoulder wants you to know: No, I’m a CATALYST…..I like to go fast when I’ve calculated the risks…I can’t wait to get started…Oh yes I CAN do that!!! Yes YOU can too...And actually…YES, I DID think it through my other talents are highly strategic!! I am happiest when I am in action….now, admittedly, sometimes you CAN have too much of a good thing…. (Remember that time I had 5 jobs??). But as you refine your natural talents into Strengths, you unlock an amazing treasure trove of possibility!! And yes, I can always manage to spritz a little ‘kick in the pants fairy dust’ into conversations and help people get EXCITED about their life and plans!! Wanna come hang with me and find out how to Activate YOUR Strengths!??!! Stay tuned… #activateyourstrengthsamplifyyourlife


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