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Here’s the thing. I’m a 40 yr old with pink hair...

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

You were MADE for this!

Here’s the thing. I’m a 40 yr old with pink hair. I’m outspoken, boisterous, passionate and a little ‘out there’. I am undoubtedly ‘TOO MUCH’ for some people. AND. THAT’S. OK. I spent a large chunk of my life trying to downplay my gifts… to turn down the volume on ME. CliftonStrengths was a HUGE game changer for me in all of this. My top Strengths are: Activator (when can we start?) Ideation (basically imagination on caffeine) Futuristic (self explanatory?) Input (my ‘jenniepedia’ brain!) Communication (duh!!!) Positivity (all the silver linings up in here!) Strategic (ever observed my max trip planning skiillz?) WOO (stands for Winning Others Over meaning, I talk to strangers, and can make friends anywhere, but mostly, I just like saying it… WOOOO!) After many years of trying to dial these down, I now embrace, and invest in my strengths…and guess what!?!??! I am more fulfilled, happy, impactful, and have WAAAAY less internal struggles about how I ‘should’ handle a situation. I am OWNING my ability to be a CATALYST for others, while also providing resources and lending my Futuristic/Positivity superpowers to help others see the bright things that lie ahead! I am OWNING my zany, chatty, big idea creating, sunny self!! Doesn’t that sound a helluva lot better than always doubting, downplaying and HIDING YOUR LIGHT!??!?!? OH yeah…and that Positivity is kinda contagious….. #notsorrybehappy


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