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Happy 21st Birthday to Riley J Hartnett!!!!

August 12, 2017

So glad we've both found our way in the world, as well as better hairstylists!! 😂😂. (I swear, the 'mushroom cut' was ALL the rage back then!)  

For those of you who don't know, I had this babe when I was a babe myself. A 17 yr old single mother. <Insert stereotype here> All around me I heard the collective "sharp intake of breath", lots of 'tsk tsk's' and whispers of 'her life is ruined"

I get it. I was a bright girl with a promising future. Having a baby is hella hard at any age, even when you've done it the 'proper' way as a married adult. (Speaking from experience on that part too!) What on earth would become of me now?!? And what about the poor baby?!?

#spoileralert ...Not only was my life NOT ruined, it was made infinitely more awesome by this little blondie. We figured life out together, and we made it work. We had the love and support of many friends and family and an epic 90's music soundtrack to sing along to!

From a deliciously chubby baby to a toddler who could belt out a mean Frank Sinatra, and later a smart-aleck-y yet undeniably funny adolescent, Riley was a constant source of wonder. (Yeah, Sometimes I'd 'wonder' how we'd survive each other...LoL #teenagers) He was never afraid to jump in with both feet.

As he grows up, the thing I admire the most, is that this kid is not afraid to live his life...from moving across the country on his own and figuring it all out, hanging off of tall buildings for work, and having the time of his life with his friends, he lives life full on, and he still loves his Mama. (And all the rest of you fools too!)

I love you 'finity 💖✨💖

(Sorry about the haircut) 


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