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Ever write a letter to the Universe? EEEK! but I finally did....and it's pretty cool actually...

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

June 12, 2016 | Jen Hartnett-Orser

Dear Universe

As many of you are aware, the world of Yoga and all things Hippie-ish generally comes with a heavy dose of self inquiry, personal development, and usually (hopefully!?!)  a ton of growth and expansion.     I also work with an INCREDIBLE group of women who inspire, uplift, and challenge me to push my own boundaries.    One of our recent tasks was to 'Write a Letter to the Universe'   - basically placing an order for what we need, want and aspire to in our lives.  I was so 'stuck' the first few times I tried to tackle it, as I think most of us have been raised to steer away from being 'greedy' or asking for 'more than we deserve'.              

I do TRULY believe in the power of attraction, and have recently started to really feel this in a positive way in my life.  I think focusing on the positive through the past month of trials and tribulations has kept me sane!!!   I don't know that it got me out of the woods any quicker, but it certainly made the time bearable.    This in mind, I finally sat down, and once  I just flowed out of me.  I have read, and re-read it so many times over the past 2 days...and really love it!!! 

  I encourage you to try it on for size....and do yourself a favour - DON'T PLAY SMALL!!!     

Dear Universe,

I begin with a heaping helping of GRATITUDE for all that you have provided me with so far...for all the lessons, teachers and experiences I have had.  I am extremely grateful for all of the favour I have been granted in my life, and understand (or try really hard to) that the challenges and obstacles placed in my path are simply more lessons for me to learn.   For my part, I will try to learn these lessons with grace, patience and compassion.  (remind me I said that if I forget, okay?)  

Having said that….here is my list of demands <insert evil laugh>    But seriously… a lesson I’ve learned (see above) is that it is OKAY to ASK for things...and that what we focus on expands.  So.  Here.  I.  Go.  

Quality vs Quantity

Help me to say NO to things that do not serve me, both in work, family and personal arenas.   Help me to let go of  my paralyzing FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and guide me to pause before making commitments to check in with alignment with my intention, and motivation.    Help me to recognize the VALUE of my time and SANITY!    

Trust & Intuition

Please instill in me a sense of peace around decision making.  Trusting my intuition and ability to make good choices has always been a struggle for me.   I promise to listen for trust myself.    When I don’t trust myself, I am disrespecting all of the lessons, hard work and effort I’ve put in.   Remind me of this when I forget.   When I look back on things I wish I’d done differently I can ALWAYS see a moment that I ignored my intuition/gut and talked myself out of it.    Help me to differentiate DANGER from FEAR...and step into the fear with your guidance and support.  (oh yeah...and if we could just  go ahead and totally avoid the whole Danger thing, that would be greaaaat!)


WHOA….  So this is a biggie.  And it’s simple….PLEASE assist  me to shift INTO a space of being FULLY ACCEPTING of abundance…to stop apologizing for and minimizing the GREAT things in my life, my talents, and my gifts.  Let me truly believe EVERY day that I AM WORTHY of INCREDIBLE ABUNDANCE!!!    


This is a huge area of growth for me over the past year….I am so grateful for all of the tools I have learned that I am able to employ EVERY day to not only CHOOSE happiness, but to build on the foundation that I already have!   Let my future growth be exponential….and let this become infectious and impactful for all the people around me.  

CONNECTION  I know that this is my SUPERPOWER.  Please help me find the people who need me….and help me find the people **I** need in my life!  Allow me to overcome my insecurities and doubts in order to be the brightest light I can be for others.  Let my shine attract other shiny beings to me...and let our mutual light reach dark corners that we couldn’t illuminate alone!  

I am ready NOW to step into a place of power, peace, and happiness, attracting ease, meaningful connection and ABUNDANCE into my life daily.  I am ready NOW to believe in myself...FULLY….that I am capable of truly GREAT things.  

In Gratitude,



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