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What in the Health?


How it Started...

doTERRA landed in my life at exactly the right time.

I started out  in the kitchen making simple DIY cleaners to replace the pricey, chemical laden collection I had under my sink.  They worked, smelled gorgeous, and were a fraction of the cost!    I was hooked!   

Now, our home not only smells great, but we're actually cleaning the air, and boosting our health!  IT WAS EASY, AND FUN!!


Next, I started adding Frankincense, Tea Tree and Lavender to my existing skin care.  They had me glowing, and getting compliments on my skin for the first time in my LIFE!  


From there, I started integrating oils into all aspects of my life, learning to reach for a NATURAL solution before pills or potions from the drug store.  I quickly experienced HUGE IMPROVEMENTS in my health and wellness: 

foaming soap .jpeg

Increased Energy & Less Brain Fog - Pain Management -  Digestive, Respiratory & Hormonal Supports - Emotional Aromatherapy - Neurodiversity Support and more! 

Natural really CAN be simple, and save you money.


The best part is, it doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming. 


How it 's going...

Friends... I. LOVE. MY. JOB. ⠀_⠀_ I had

I made a decision to 'lean in' to the income opportunity that doTERRA offers, first, just to get my oils for free, but soon, I found myself sharing in a more impactful way, and have now been able to assist hundreds of families in doing the same.


I love teaching people just like you how to make SIMPLE, effective changes in their lifestyle, and bring my special brand of quirky klutziness to all I do!!

If you have been looking to call in a deeper connection to wellness, to reduce your exposure to chemicals,  learn how to easily integrate natural wellness into your life,  READ ON!

If you’ve been searching for a way to create long term residual income stream into your financial wellness plan, 


Whether this is a means:  

  • getting a free, fully customizable monthly subscription box  

  • supplementing  your income (Shoes!! Travel!! Becoming DEBT FREE!!)   OR

  • going  ALL IN, and replace your current income

doTERRA has a solution


​​I was so impressed, first with the oils themselves,
and the more I learned about the company, and culture,
the more I fell in love! 

The doTerraDifference...

Now, more than EVER, we are being called to seek out and support

businesses that are committed to Integrity and Ethical practices.  


 doTERRA delivers on this in a big way,  as a DEBT FREE, privately owned company,

doTERRA has a relentless commitment to doing things ‘the right way’

Even when it’s not ‘cheap or easy’  


This has earned the distinction of being  the largest, most tested, & most trusted Essential Oil & Wellness company in the world, serving over 9 Million customers, and impacting close to 2 Million lives via job creation and social impact initiatives

BETTER THAN FAIR TRADE - Co-Impact Sourcing 


Early on, doTERRA saw an opportunity to not only source the absolute highest quality plants on earth - direct from where in the world they grow to be the most powerful and effective, but to do it in a way that honours the indigenous heritage, wisdom and contribution of the farmers and harvesters, and provides an equally powerful impact on ‘both sides of the bottle’.  From this vision,  the ‘Co-impact Sourcing Model’ was born.   By all accounts, this is the most expensive way to do business, but it’s the only way to accomplish excellence in both product, and impact.   This model, and the deep respect and investment has allowed doTERRA 


As of September 2020, doTERRA has created 300,892 jobs through sourcing efforts which including family members impacts 1,166,409 lives.  

MAYBE YOU'VE ALREADY TRIED 'OILS' - and were underwhelmed?   


Did you know there is NO governing body, or industry standard for purity testing in essential oils? 

This means that there is no ‘penalty’ for marking a bottle of oil as ‘100% pure’ or ‘organic’ and then adding synthetics, or fillers to increase profit margins.   AND THEY DO!  Lavender being one of the easiest to 'dupe' with lab created synthetics.  These produce the 'scent' but none of the benefits, and often result in reactions, headaches etc...  


The majority of our oils come from exclusive agreements where the growers and distillers will only sell to doTERRA. So if anybody is telling you they have the same quality essential oil as doTERRA, or that they get their essential oils from the same producers, that simply isn’t the case.

doTERRA decided to SET  the standard for purity in the essential oil industry, and create their own benchmark:  CPTG  or Certified Pure Tested Grade stamp of quality (CPTG)   EVERY batch of oil is passed through a series of 54 tests  including third-party testing - and the results of these tests are made available to the consumer via a number on the bottom of every single bottle of oil!    


Transparency Matters!

Grab a bottle and head to: to check it out! ​  

Most Tested, Most Trusted 

How to get Started! 


Take a peek at our Product Guide, and  get a feel for what’s available. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start with this!!

That’s the best part of MY job!

We can connect and chat about what you are most interested in hiring these oils to do for you, and I can help you get exactly what you need.   


The best way to get these gorgeous oils into your home is with a Wholesale Membership. 

You'll receive 25% off all purchases, and be eligible to participate in our Loyalty Rewards Program.  

To help get you started, doTERRA has crafted some value-packed kits

that allow you to get started with a great discount!

Here are our most popular starter kits from Canada​  or we can make a custom kit just for you!  

Everything is shipped directly to you, and you'll have access

to your own online store 24/7 to shop to your heart's content.

I provide all of my customers with a ton of resources,

and access to an exclusive online space that is value driven, and full of insight,

support and great info. 

Once your oils arrive,  we'll chat 1:1 so you will be well supported with how to use them,

and how to get the best value and benefits from them. 

Have Questions, or want to book a call to connect? 

Click Here 

Next thing you know, YOU'LL be saying...

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