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So, you’re interested in learning about doTERRA’s business opportunity?  


Here, I hope to shine a light on what’s possible, and what’s probable for you in this realm.  


  But first… let’s tackle the 2 most common questions about the doTERRA Business Opportunity... 




Hey Girl Hey...

Oh look, it's that girl from high school!!   

Despite not seeing you in decade(s) she's decided you’d be

THE perfect person to join her ‘tribe’ !!


Those who tell you how amazing their business is!!! 

But won't say WHAT their business is???  EW  -

OR, my personal favourite -

UNSOLICITED weight loss/workout product pitches!   


These are what I like to call ‘Network Marketing Nightmares’

- or  the “MLM Monsters' 

Let's not do that...mmkaaayy? ? 


doTERRA is a world apart from most of these other brands using the network marketing model, and this means we don't need to resort to sleazy tactics... read on to find out why! 


To answer the initial question, If a company has a product to sell, and not just an ‘investment opportunity’ - then NO , Network Marketing, Direct Selling, or ‘Multi-Level Marketing’  (MLM) is NOT a pyramid scheme.    


This business model is not without it's unsavory characters!!! 

 Think promises of huge profits with 'NO WORK' product scandals/lawsuits,

with holding commission payments.   

Many companies/recruiters train their newbies to literally SPAM their friends and family, to never take no for an answer, etc... it's a bit of a circus really. 

But wait?  I thought you said I could just post a few things on social media and make 6 figures???    They'll  end up scratching their heads, wondering why it didn’t work? 
They'll blame the business model...THIS ruins the reputation of MLM’s.  

So why in the world would doTERRA choose this delivery model? 

Simply put - these oils change lives... but they can't work their magic when they're sitting on a store shelf.   When oils are shared and experienced together, the impact is far greater.  How many of us would never have tried oils if it weren’t for hearing about them from a trusted friend?   


Think about how YOU first experienced doTERRA - was it through a website with no human connection?  (I mean, that IS an option, but I hope this wasn’t your experience!)   

Or did you have a real live human working with you to help you choose, and learn the ropes once you got started.     


Does IKEA  ever call you after you buy a bookcase and see how the assembly is going?    Does Amazon ever check in to see if you need some suggestions on how to use that cool gadget you bought a few months back?      

Community and education are cornerstones of doTERRA’s culture,  This is something that I believe is the most incredible part of this business.    I have experienced deep & fulfilling connections with a large number of my customers… both in good times, and in their most difficult.   THIS is something that fills my cup more than any paycheque ever could! 

Ok, now into dollars and sense of it all…. Can you actually make money doing this as a ‘business’?    

In short, this is a works IF you work it.   


Why we're different...

  • The products.   doTERRA offers the best natural health products on the market, hands down.   Brand recognition and trust in both the product and the company is a BIG DEAL.

  •   doTERRA’s retention rate is 67%The average MLM retention rate is 10-15%.

  •  Our amazing Loyalty Rewards Program  drives retention, loyalty, & customer satisfaction - I’d even go so far as to say RAVING FANS! 

  • 90% of the 10 MILLION who purchase doTERRA oils are customers.  We are product and customer focused, while many others in the MLM world rely heavily on recruiting sellers in order to make money​​

  • Conscious Consumers can choose doTERRA knowing that our oils are ethically & sustainably sourced.  Co-Impact Sourcing & Healing Hands initiatives support tens of thousands of those in need around the globe & here at home.  

There Is a Catch...

As fantastic as all of this is….at the end of the day  - I need to be honest with you.    ​

In order to  make money in doTERRA, 

in ANY product focused business - you have to actually SELL the product! 

I know, it sounds a little ‘wacky’ -to think that you’d actually have to make a sale to earn a commission, but there really are some companies out there that don’t make this clear. 

I wish I were joking.   

The reality is, many people ‘sign up to sell’ with Network Marketing companies,

but don’t ever follow through!!

This happens for various reasons, most of which points to a lack of support, and self confidence.    doTERRA has an incredible amount of resources available, as well as real live humans to help you!      But again, none of this is helpful if you don’t make the jump to actually talk to people.     

Remember, there is no ‘Sales Kit or Inventory’ to buy.  Instead, doTERRA would rather that you be using, and loving the products!  Your ‘business expense’ is a Personal Loyalty Rewards Program order of 100pv each month, which many customers are already doing - if you’ve ever received a free ‘Product of the Month’ - then you’re already overqualified!      Chances are, many of you reading this are ALREADY talking to people about your successes with Oils…. So could you do this in a more intentional way?   If yes, read on!!!   


You WILL have an incredible amount of support, both in business, and in your own personal development,  Including a Strengths Coach helping you along the way (wink wink!)   ALL of my team members who reach the level of Elite receive a FREE  Strengths Coaching Session with me!!      Your success is 100% up to you, and you are NEVER pressured or expected to do anything. 

 The POSSIBILITY available in doTERRA is absolutely legitimate.    

The PROBABILITY and PACE are entirely up to you.

So, can you do this?   



Let's look at which doTERRA income option is right for you.

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