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Day 21...are we having fun yet?

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

May 25, 2016 |Jen Hartnett-Orser

No PICC line - between the allergy testing, my immune system hopefully rebuilding, and these last 3 days of IV, I'm confidant that I can kick this from my system. So far my left hand IV, while inconvenient, is in good shape, and will hopefully last the duration of this run.

NAP! I was able to get in a big a$$ nap this afternoon. Sleep is elusive for me on a good day - and with everything going on, I have been finding myself up every 2-3 hours each night, which is adding to the exhaustion. I recognize and appreciate that I need to rest to get better. Grateful for the 2hrs of drool time I was able to get in today!

I am FOREVER grateful for all the support I've received. Had a moment of extreme frustration last night - and had a few of my besties in my bullpen that were able to talk me through it. 

I'm ready to put this chapter behind me.  Let's hope these are the last few pages...

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