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Day 20...the adventure continues

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

May 24, 2016 |Jen Hartnett-Orser

Late night update:

*New (regular IV) in. (Special Paediatric Nurse imported from upstairs for me!!)

*Referral appt with Dermatologist

-> (Referral for allergy testing...end of June)

-> prescription for topical ointment. And VASELINE. (😭😭) strict orders for no coconut oil or vitamin E. (The hippie in me is outraged, but I did promise)

*No PICC line today.

Upside? 2 doses in my new line and my face feels and looks much better.

Hoping for some sleep tonite and hoping to wake up looking and feeling better.

Thanks for the messages of support today! I love you guys! 😘😘😘


Update: PICC line team has a long wait. Going to try a regular IV going again in the meantime. 2 nurses have looked at me and said 'nope'. They're calling for backup.

Why can't my veins be as luscious as my booty?!? 😜

Stay tuned...

Original message:

It seems my delicate veins are no match for 20+ days on IV. Waiting for a PICC line to be installed, which will hopefully be the ticket to my meds getting where they need to go, and get back to normal quicker.

I am a little scurred about the installation, But excited for fewer pokes and less of an Amy Winehouse look.   (Here's a sample of ONE arm - the other one isn't far behind!)

The team here, along with my VON nursing team has been incredible, so I'm in good hands! Thank you to everyone for your continued support and messages - it helps a TON to know I've got such a great support system. 😘😘😘

As much fun as all of this is, I'm ready to get back to my normal life! And only fill your newsfeed with pictures of my pets, and essential oil goodness! (Incidentally. The de-stressing, sleep-helping, and skin soothing oils have been keeping me sane these last few weeks!).

Here we go...... (perfect reading material for today!) 

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